Uncle Bill’s Bar Photo Gallery

Apache Creek Old West Tours welcomes you to the Uncle Bill’s Bar Photo Gallery of Catron County, NM.  This historical bar has been around the “Plaza”, formerly Milligan Plaza, now known as Reserve, NM since 1878.  It was named after Uncle Bill Jones.  The Jones family has owned the establishment for many years.  Jewell Derrick was married to the late Sid Jones and they owned Uncle Bill’s for several years.  Jewell is the granddaughter of Ben Kemp Sr. and the niece of Ben Kemp (Jr.), author, of Cow Dust and Saddle Leather, one of the featured books of Apache Creek Old West Tours.  Ben Kemp Jr. was also once the Sheriff of Catron County.  Today, Zoe Ann Jones, daughter of Jewell and Sid, operates the historical establishment and says their liquor license is one of the oldest in New Mexico.  When you take a look at the photos you will notice many old items from Catron County NM in the bar’s collection.  It is located on the Main Street in Reserve, next door to Jakes General Merchandise which was named after Jake Scott who owned the store for many years with his wife, Alice Scott.  Today that establishment is owned by Jake’s daughter Jackie Fryar and her husband Danny Fryar. (See photo of Jakes General Merchandise at bottom of page).  The late Jake Scott served as mayor of Reserve, NM and has a memorial park named in his honor in the village of Reserve. See thumbnail images of the gallery below.

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Click here to see a video of the Ben Kemp Sr. Homestead and and Interview with Jewell Derrick, his granddaughter.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgg6taJcFCY

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The Plaza has Jake's General Merchandise Next to Uncle Bills Is Jake's General Merchandise (1)