Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Apache Creek Old West Tours Photo Gallery. Click on photos to enlarge image, view captions and additional photos.  These photos are to give you and idea of what Catron County looks like.  It’s very rural and scenic!  Some of the images are from the areas of the settings and travels in “The Books” and how the areas look today.  Also, some of the photos are taken beyond Catron County into Socorro County. Please Enjoy.  Schedule a historical tour of Catron County NM and beyond today by calling 575.533.6089 – Apache Creek Old West Tours.

The above featured photo is of a cattle branding location at Long Canyon at the edge of the San Augustin Plains in the early 1960’s.  The  ranch women would deliver lunch in their cars on roads that weren’t made for cars but the women handled the situation well and so did the cars.  You can bet the men were ready for a warm lunch and coffee.  The lunches were often elaborate such as you would find at a Sunday dinner table complete with cakes, cobblers, pies and homemade cookies to go along with the ham or roast beef, beans and potatoes.